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Legend: original release ORIGINAL | canceled project CANCELED| re-release REISSUE | export release EXPORT
Type ▼NameYear ▼Publisher ▼
Sega NAOMI cart.1999SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Sega Dreamcast GD2001SEGA of America, Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA
Sega Dreamcast GD2002SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Sega Dreamcast GD2000SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Sega Dreamcast GD2001SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Coin-op Misc. game1979Midway Mfg. Co. Schiller Park, IL, USA
Slot Machine2008Bally Wulff
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.1984CCS Cases Computer Simulations, Ltd. London, England
MSX cass.1987Mastertronic, Ltd. UK
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.1987Dro Soft. Madrid, Spain
Atari 800 disk.1986Mastertronic, Ltd. UK
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.198?Sparklers
Commodore C64 disk.1986Mastertronic, Ltd. UK
Atari 800 cass.1986MAD Mastertronic Added Dimension
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.1986MAD Mastertronic Added Dimension
Commodore C64 cass.1986MAD Mastertronic Added Dimension
Acorn BBC/Electron cass.1983A&F Soft.
Microsoft Windows CD1999Empire Interactive Europe, Ltd.
Thomson MO5/TO7 cass.1985Cobra Soft
Amstrad CPC disk.1985Cobra Soft
Microsoft DOS 3.5in.disk. (IBM 5170)1995Avalon Hill Video Game Co., The Baltimore, MD, USA
Commodore Amiga disk.1992Flair Soft.
Microsoft DOS 3.5in.disk. (IBM 5170)1992MAX Design
Commodore Amiga disk.1992MAX Design
Microsoft Windows CD2005Ubi Soft
Slot Machine1970Bally Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL, USA
Arcade Video game2004Unknown
Sony PlayStation game1999Visit Japan
Sony PlayStation game2000Visit Japan
Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass.1988Cascade Games, Ltd.
Commodore C64 cass.1988Cascade Games, Ltd.
Amstrad CPC disk.1987Amstar Electronics Corp. Phoenix, AZ, USA
Microsoft Windows CD2007Strategy First
Microsoft Windows CD2003JoWooD Productions AG
Slot Machine1916Mills Novelty Co. Chicago, IL, USA
Slot Machine1928Pace Mfg. Co. Chicago, IL, USA
Coin-op Misc. game1928Bat-A-Penny Corp. Rochester, NY, USA
Coin-op Trade Stimulator1935Ad-Lee Novelty Chicago, IL, USA
Coin-op Pinball1937Gottlieb & Co. D. Gottlieb Chicago, IL, USA
Coin-op Bat game1937Rock-Ola Mfg. Corp. Chicago, IL, USA

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