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Type ▼Name ▼YearPublisher ▼
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Blood Factory Model SLPS-002351996Interplay
IBM PC/AT DOS CDoriginal Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess1996Interplay
Nintendo Super NES cart.export Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure Model SNSP-AB4P-EUR1996Interplay
Panasonic 3DO CDoriginal Casper1996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDexport Casper Model SLES-000451996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Casper Model SLUS-001621996Interplay
Sega Saturn CDoriginal Casper Model T-12512H1996Interplay
Panasonic 3DO CDoriginal Cyberia1996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDexport Cyberia Model SLES-002331996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Cyberia Model SLUS-000531996Interplay
Sega Saturn CDoriginal Cyberia Model T-12508H-501996Interplay
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Descent II1996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Descent Model SLUS-000371996Interplay
Sega Saturn CDoriginal Loaded Model T-12519H1996Interplay
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Mummy - Tomb of the Pharaoh1996Interplay
Sega Saturn CDoriginal Pro Pinball Model T-12520H1996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Pro-Pinball Model SLUS-?????1996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Re-Loaded Model SLUS-003821996Interplay
Sega Saturn CDoriginal Tempest 20001996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal Tempest X3 Model SLUS-002831996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDoriginal VR Golf '97 Model SLUS-001981996Interplay
Sony PlayStation CDexport VR Soccer '96 Model SLUS-001991996Interplay