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Legend: original release ORIGINAL | sample SAMPLE | canceled project CANCELED | re-release REISSUE | export release EXPORT | 18 ADULT
Type ▼NameYear ▼Publisher ▼
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Artificial Intelligence Machines2004Micro Application
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Artificial Intelligence Machines 22006Micro Application
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Go Kart Racing1999Micro Application
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Horse Racing Manager 22006Micro Application
Thomson MO5 cass.original Island1984Micro Application
Amstrad CPC type-inoriginal L'Ivresse de l'Or1984Micro Application
Amstrad CPC type-inoriginal Le Chateau Enchante1984Micro Application
Thomson MO5 cass.original Les Jeux de Maitre Jacques1984Micro Application
Amstrad CPC cass.original M.A. Base1985Micro Application
PC/MS-Windows CDoriginal Ni-Bi-Ru - Messenger of the Gods2005Micro Application
Thomson MO5 cass.original Pancho1984Micro Application
Amstrad CPC cass.original Série Noire1985Micro Application
Amstrad CPC type-inoriginal Space Mission1984Micro Application