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Legend: original release ORIGINAL | sample SAMPLE | canceled project CANCELED | re-release REISSUE | export release EXPORT | 18 ADULT
Type ▼NameYear ▼Publisher ▼
TRS-80 cass.original Bedlam Model 26-19171982Tandy Corp.
Handheld gameoriginal Blackjack-21/Calculator Model 60-21671982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Bob Bishop's Micro Painter1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Canyon Climber1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Canyon Climber Model 26-30891982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Castle Guard Model 26-30791982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Clowns & Balloons1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Clowns & Balloons Model 26-30871982Tandy Corp.
Handheld gameoriginal Cosmic 1000 Fire Away Model 60-21651982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Cyrus Chess Model 26-30641982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Double Back1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Doubleback Model 26-30911982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Dragonfire Model 26-30981982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Dungeons of Daggorath Model 26-30931982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Galactic Attack1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Gin Champion1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Gin Champion Model 26-30831982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 cass.original In the Hall of the Mountain king Model 26-19211982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cass.original Madness and the Minotaur Model 26-33131982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Mega-Bug1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Microbes Model 26-30851982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Poltergeist1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Poltergeist Model 26-30731982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Popcorn Model 26-30901982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo disk.original Sands of Egypt Model 26-32901982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Shooting Gallery1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Shooting Gallery Model 26-30881982Tandy Corp.
Handheld gameoriginal Space Shot Model 60-21661982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Tennis1982Tandy Corp.
Handheld gameoriginal Trick Shot Basketball Model 60-21631982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 CoCo cart.original Wildcatting1982Tandy Corp.
TRS-80 disk.original Xenos Model 26-19551982Tandy Corp.