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October 09, 2021.

Marathon game# 4:
Live A Live on Super Nes.

I have just finished (one of the endings because there are several ...) 27 years after its release this RPG, little known outside Japan, "Live A Live". First 16-bit game of this marathon, on a cartmod fully translated into French (published in a beautiful French box by hedg.fr). A very beautiful "multi-adventures" signed Squaresoft: indeed, we have the choice between 7 completely different scenarios during 7 different periods. Once the 7 adventures are over, an 8th adventure is unlocked, but what an end friends !! An 8th adventure which manages to unite the 7 others in the same story ... Worthy of the best cinematographic twists like Usual Suspect. I am amazed ! Worth the time spent on it! Well done to the devs of this time!

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September 24, 2021.

Marathon game # 3:
Ganbare Goemon Gaiden.

I just finished this nice comic RPG this morning at 7:50 am, on original hardware via a cartmod translated into English, 31 years after its release. Another Japanese RPG that few have had to do! 8-bit jap RPG stuffed with grotesque and dwarf situations like the formidable Konami has accustomed us to with this character straight out of medieval Japan that is Goemon. I finished level 33 with the maximum money: 9999999. I can't wait for the next one! Ps: check me out the size of this Famicom cartridge! We love !

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September 21, 2021.

Marathon game # 2:
Deep Dungeon IV on Famicom.

Unfortunately, I did NOT finish Deep Dungeon IV, 31 years after its release ... I played about 30 hours, until the last dungeon of the game, but the cartridge showing the weight of age: the backup battery died on the way, byebye my save ... I'm still proud to have traveled this fabulous 8-bit "Dungeon Crawler" to the end (almost), we can call it Hardcore Gaming because a Dungeon Crawler old in 2021, with the checkered sheet to draw the plans, it's hard! We are more used to .... Note that originally, the game is entirely in Japanese. Fortunately, my cartridge is a cartmod (real cartridge / modified program) fully translated into English, which makes it accessible! We should have changed the battery at the same time ... anyway, a good RPG on famicom that few people have done !! Just that, I like it!

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September 12, 2021.

Marathon game # 1:
Wizards and Warriors on NES.

Staying young is not easy. That's why I decided to start an old video game marathon. The goal is to finish games that I never finished when I was young (or refinish), with the original material of course. I start slowly, here is the first one that I finished a few days ago, 34 years after its release (1987)! Wizards and Warriors, a kind of nanar or have it embodied an anti-hero armed with a butter knife in the form of a sword (unlike the drawing on the cover) ... The gameplay is nice. It's well balanced and I really like what this work, developed by the studio Rare please! A good 8-bit game! To do for those who have not!

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