Koutetsu Teikoku [Model T-28033]

Sega Mega Drive cart. published 29 years ago by Hot-B

Koutetsu Teikoku [Model T-28033] screenshot

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鋼鉄帝国 © 1992 Hot-B
(Koutetsu Teikoku)

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Released on March 13, 1992 in Japan.

One of the main inspirations for Koutetsu Teikoku was Caar H. Schitch's 1819 novel Imperio do Aceiro (Empire of Steel). Most fans tend to agree that the major influence on the production of the game was Studio Ghibli's seminal 1986 anime Laputa: Castle in the Sky, which boasts very similar flying machines. The opening level of the game also mimics the suspended railway lines shown in the movie.

Goodies for Koutetsu Teikoku [Model T-28033]
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Director: N. Yamaguchi
Co-Director: Yoshinori Satake
Producer: Akinori Tomonaga (A. Tomonaga)
Executive Producer: Jun Kuriyama
Screenplay: K. Asai
Music by Cube Co. Ltd.
Music Composer: Isao Mizoguchi, Yoshiaki Kubotera, Noriyuki Iwadare
Special Sound Effectes: Masanori Hikichi
Re-Recording Engineer: Dogen Shibuya
Production Supervisor: Akinori Tomonaga (A. Tomonaga)
Operating Cameramen: Y. Hirasawa, T. Suzuki
Location Director of Photography: Kimihiro Endoh
Conceptual Artist: Kemono Itas
Art Director: Satoshi Hatsuya (S. Hatsuya)
Set Director: K. Nishi
Mattepainting Supervisor: V. Bestie
Modelshop Supervisor: Satoshi Hatsuya (S. Riot H.)
Construction Manager: Mike Yorozuya (M. Yorozuya)
Head Effects Animation: N. Yamaguchi
Steadicam(r)Plate Photography: K. Suganuma, N. Nakane, Akinori Tomonaga (A. Tomonaga)
Translation Assist: Sarah Y.
Cover Illustration: Marc William Ericksen


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