Ice Hockey [Model NES-HY-USA]

Export Nintendo NES cart. published 33 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

Ice Hockey [Model NES-HY-USA] screenshot

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Ice Hockey © 1988 Nintendo of America, Inc.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Famicom disk version for more information: "Ice Hockey [Model FMC-ICE]".

Description from back cover:

It's fast skatin', hip checkin', high scoring action. Lead your team into center ice, over the opponent's blue line. Pass over to the point and set up for the tip in - Score! Choose a country for you and your opponent, select a level of play and face off at center ice to become the top goal scorer in Nintendo's Ice Hockey! Get charged with a penalty and test your defense. Or attack on a power play and use your puck handling skills to catch your opponents off guard. Either way, you can become a superstar in the league of Nintendo Ice Hockey!




Released in March 1988 in the USA.


Game's ROM.