Daytona USA 2 - Battle On The Edge

A 20-year-old Arcade Video Game by SEGA Enterprises

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Daytona USA 2 - Battle On The Edge © 1998 Sega.

The wild and hot run is back. 16 people can run together. Not only the body of the machine and the road surface, but also smoke and the flames for the crash scenes are reproduced beautifully. The game also uses the real engines' sounds from the real cars.


Runs on the Sega "Model 3 Step 2.1" hardware.

Players : 1
Control : Paddle
Buttons : 8


Released in May 1998 in Japan.

A cameo of this game is seen in the 2000 movie, 'Dude, Where's My Car?'. Two "Daytona USA 2" cabinets running the 'Power Edition' upgrade can be briefly shown in that movie.

Soundtrack releases :
Daytona USA 2 Battle on the Edge Sound Tracks [Pony Canyon / Marvelous Entertainment inc. - MJCA-00025 - Jul 17, 1998]


* Bumper Camera : To access the awesome bumper cam, press view buttons 1 and 2 during a game.

* Helicopter Camera : To access the awesome sky cam, press all view buttons during the game!

* Time Lap Mode : During transmission select, hold down START and press the accelerator to pick your transmission. If done correctly, the words 'Time Lap Mode' will appear and you will race the track alone without interference from other drivers.

* Mirror Mode : On the circuit select screen, hold down Start and choose a track. Choose car and transmission as normal. You should now have Mirror Mode.

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