Arcade Video Game published 46 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Gotcha © 1973 Atari.

An amazing maze of fun. The walls of the maze displayed on the screen constantly change position, while The Pursuer (a square) controlled by one player chases The Pursued (a plus sign) controlled by a second player. As The Pursuer moves in closer and closer to The Pursued, an electronic beep sound increases in frequency to a fever pitch... until The Pursued is finally caught and wiped off the screen. Each time there is a catch, a point is scored and the chase begins all over again.
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Gotcha was released in October 1973.

It's the 3rd coin-op released by Atari. Approx. 3000 units were produced in the US.

This game was known around Atari as 'the boob game' because of its controllers which consisted of two rubber domes with buttons on top. According to one story, the idea for the game had come during a discussion about the phallic shape of joysticks, which led one employee to suggest Atari do a 'female' game. Atari also produced a limited-run color version of the game that used real color (rather than the colored cellophane overlays used to mimic color in other games). If true, this may have been the first true color video game ever produced.


Designed & Engineered by : Alan Alcorn

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