ZX Spectrum +2a

A 31-year-old Computer by Amstrad PLC

Emulated in MAME !

Information for the following ROM(s): specpl2a


ZX Spectrum +2a © 1987 Amstrad PLC.

The ZX Spectrum +2a was a variant of the "Spectrum +3".


ZX Spectrum +2a the Computer
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Housed a black version of the Spectrum +2 case mouldings.

The Spectrum +2a motherboard (AMSTRAD part number Z70830) was designed such that it could be assembled without the floppy disk controller or associated logic and a +2 style 'datacorder' connected.

The power supply of the ZX Spectrum +2A used the same pinout as the +3. However, the power supply purchased with the +2A had 'Sinclair +2' written on the case.


Originally, Amstrad planned to introduce an additional disk interface for the +2A called the AMSTRAD SI-1, however this never appeared. If an external disk drive was added, the +2A on the system OS menu would change to a +3.

Machine's bios.
Machine's picture.