Zui Zhong Huan Xian 7 [Model NJ063]

A 13-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Shenzhen Nanjing Technology

Zui Zhong Huan Xian 7 [Model NJ063] screenshot

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最终幻想7 © 2005 Nanjing.

(Zui Zhong Huan Xian 7)

Pirate demake of the 1997 PSX RPG Final Fantasy VII. The game features many gameplay elements of the original game, including a three-member party structure and adaptations of the game's subsystems. The items, spells and equipment available to the player are based upon those in the original game, and although a large number have been omitted along with optional characters and some side quests, the original story was reproduced in very minute detail.


Game ID: NJ063

The cartridge's circuit board layout is unique compared to most Famicom games, using a single two megabyte PRG (program) ROM chips. A RAM chip instead of a ROM for the character graphics data, similar to the UNROM method used in some Nintendo games. As a result, the data is strewn across the PRG ROM in various banks. The cartridge features one 8-kilobyte battery-backed RAM chip, used for the game's single save slot.


Title translates from Chinese as Final Fantasy 7.

Many of the game's graphics are borrowed from other games, mostly other Final Fantasy titles and including Super Famicom graphics converted to four-color palettes used by the Famicom's hardware. Much of the game's music is borrowed from other games as well, in many cases shortened significantly to a few repeating notes.

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