Zool 2 [Model J9042E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Zool 2 [Model J9042E] screenshot

Zool 2 © 1994 Atari Corp.

Krool's forces are invading and only Zool can save the Nth Dimension. The evil Krool has sent Mental Block, his morphing henchman, to seize power. Mental Block's going to morph himself stupid to make sure this adventure is one the ninjas are never going to forget.

Choose to be either Zool, or his lovely and daring sidekick Zooz. They've been entrusted with the restoration of order to the Nth Dimension and charged with the expulsion of Mental Block and his henchmen. Zoon, the amazing intergalactic wonderdog, will assist you - and you're going to need him, too! Mental Block's got quite a head start on you. There's been some real double dealing going on around here.

Fowl play's going on down at Swan Lake, forked tongue double-dealing is taking place at Snaking Pass and what he's doing on Bulberry Hill is just shocking! Watch out for the Mount Ices frozen food horrors and the Curse of the Pharaoh at Tooting Common. In Mental Block's Crazy House you'd better hold on to your senses and set your controls on Maximum Weirdness.

Strange things are going on!


Model J9042E


* Cheats (at options screen):
Infinite health = 1,1,2,7,5 (Rooster sound)
99 Lives = 3,1,9,6,5 (Rooster sound)
Bonus Rounds enabled = 3,1,8,6,7 (Rooster sound)

* Level Codes (at options screen):
Bulberry Hill first stage = 7,7,7,4,9 (Rooster sound)
Tooting Common first stage = 8,8,5,6,3 (Rooster sound)
Snaking Pass first stage = 3,3,6,6,6 (Rooster sound)
Mount Ices first stage = 1,1,9,6,8 (Rooster sound)
Mental Blockage start = 9,1,2,6,6 (Rooster sound)


Programming: Andy Findlay
Graphics: Ed Campbell
Musix and FX: Pat Phelan, Neil Biggin

Programming: Trevor Raynsford
Graphics: James Hartshorn, Colin Jackson
Lead Tester: Scott Hunter
Testers: Sim Furniss, Mick Sheehan, Mark Hooley, Hank Cappa, Andrew Keim, Lance J. Lewis, Dan McNamee, Martin Mueller, Joe Sousa
Producer: John Skruch


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