Zipang [Model PV1005]

A 28-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by Pack-In-Video

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Zipang © 1990 Pack-In-Video Company, Limited.

Zipang is an action/puzzle game published by Pack-In-Video and based on Tecmo's popular arcade game Solomon's Key originally released in 1986. The player takes control of a small samurai and the goal of the game is to find a magic key hidden in each single-screen room and to unlock the level's exit door so our little friend can escape to the next stage. Each room is of course filled with all kind of traps and monsters. However the little samurai comes equipped with a magic sword, but here the weapon comes with a twist - it is not used to slice and dice enemies, but to create and destroy blocks instead. This happens to be rather useful, especially to create rudimentary set of stairs and reach other parts of the room. The player can also destroy blocks when a monster stands on it and kill the nasty in the process. Most interestingly, our little hero can use fireballs to help him in desperate situations - but beware, they are only available in limited quantities. Finally, all kind of bonus items and power-ups are also available and often hidden behind blocks, and help the samurai on his journey. Unlike the original Solomon's Key, Zipang features a password system that the player can use to resume playing.


HuCARD Size: 2 MBits


Zipang was released on December 14, 1990 exclusively in Japan by Pack-In-Video for 6200 Yen.

Zipang is a Japanese feature film directed by Kaizou Hayasahi and originally released in 1990.


Developed by: Arc System Works

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