Zero Hour

Arcade Video game published 24 years ago by Virtuality

Zero Hour screenshot

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Zero Hour (c) 1997 Virtuality.

Imagine an action packed cop fighting game taken off the flat screen and into Virtual Reality...
You can't!!! Well you can now Zero Hour sees the player immersed in the virtual world as Jack Stone, a special agent sent to destroy lethal chemical weapons being prepared by billionaire Louis Markind's Millennium Foundation. Louis Markind, once a top spy for the CIA inherited a fortune from his oil baron father and then, brainwashed by terrorist organization's, turned against American benefactors. Now the Millennium Foundation, acting as a front for a huge subversive terrorist organization, has threatened to destroy the capitalist western world by the stroke of midnight December 31st 1999. Due to the nature of chemical weapons any long range bombardment will cause panic. Jack's only ally is his assault shotgun, Brutal, and together they must take down Louis Markind in this spectacular shoot-out that demands nerves of steel and the constant roar of Brutal's fury!

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SU3000 hardware

Players : 1
Control : headset tracker, shotgun


Zero Hour was the last game made by Virtuality/Cybermind. While most of the game was already finished in 1997 the financial situation of Virtuality disallowed a release and resulted in Cybermind UK purchasing all assets and intellectual rights. Cybermind finished the game and released it in 1998 at a time when the Virtual reality craze had already died down. The 3-D models in the game were created with 3-D Studio Max and Lightwave.

'Cybermind UK' purchased the intellectual property of 'Virtuality' in 1997 as part of a bankruptcy settlement. On Mach 2004 'Arcadian Virtual Reality L.L.C.' acquired the assets of Cybermind UK's virtual reality business.


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