Zelda's Adventure [Model 810 0147]

Phillips CD-i published 25 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Zelda's Adventure © 1995 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

As the brave warrior, princess Zelda, it's your mission to thwart the enemy, Gannon, who has captured Link and taken over Tolemac. On the way to freeing Link, you'll journey deep into the Seven Shrines of the Underworld. You will acquire powerful weapons as you fight evil characters in your attempt to restore the Age of Lightness to this magical land.


Model 810 0147


The reason Nintendo licensed their Zelda characters to Philips Interactive was because Phillips and Nintendo were co-creating a CD-ROM add-on for the SNES. The contract between them allowed Philips to create games with the Mario and Zelda characters. Although Nintendo never released a CD-ROM add-on for SNES, they did have the legal contract with Philips, so Philips was able to create three Zelda-based games and one Mario-based game.

Many of the characters in the game were employees of Viridis in costume. They would walk on a treadmill while being video captured. The data would then be hand-edited down to a limited number of animations per character. The receptionist played the main role of Zelda. Randy Casey, the lead programmer, was the zombie found in a few of the dungeons (he was wrapped in toilet paper). Other creatures were small figures created by hand and animated one frame at a time.

The name of the land Zelda must venture to, Tolemac, is Camelot spelled backwards.


Produced by: Viridis

Producer: Lee Barnes
Director: Anna Roth
Production Executive: Stephen Radosh
Interactive Story Creation and Script: Lee Barnes, David Cobb, Anna Roth, John Shannon, Christopher Thompson
Game and Technical Design: Lee Barnes, Christopher Thompson
Art Direction: Michael Hagler
Lead Software Engineering: Randy Casey
Sprite Technology: Randy Casey
Software Engineering: Michael L. Stein, Eric Milota, Gavin James
World and Shrine Graphics: Pei Ling Lee, Mark Rosenbluh, Sandy Mar
Character Graphics: Scott Kravitz, Deborah Campbell
Animation: Scott Kravitz, Deborah Campbell
Video Production: James Belcher
Models and Prosthetics: Jason Bakutis
Zelda Theme and Interactive Music Score: Mark Andrade
Audio Design: James Belcher
Wardrobe: Patti Safian, Amanda Farrant
Photography: Viridis
Production Management: Janet Hahn
Production Coordination: Diane Burns, Susan Wassermann
Casting: Roxanne Rogers
Production Assistants: Myles Davies, Richard Davis, Raz Havardi, James Bancroft
Special Thank You: Annie Ward, Center Theatre Group, Patty Dufficy, Gretchen Keene, The Beings and Folk of Tolemac
Zelda Makeup: Carlann Matz
Zelda: Diane Burns, Annie Ward
Gaspra: Mark Andrade


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