Z-Tack [Model CA283]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Bomb

Emulated in MAME !

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Z-Tack © 1983 Bomb

There are four game variations:
Game 1: one player (beginner)
Game 2: two players (beginner)
Game 3: one player (advanced)
Game 4: two players (advanced)

Player controls the jet in the sky level to destroy enemy's bases below at ground level.
The jet can move up, down, left or right by maneuvering the joystick to the respective positions.
The jet will fire to any of the above four directions if both the push button is depressed and the joystick is maneuvered to the corresponding direction.
If a missile ejected from the jet is not activated, no further missile can be emitted.
The bases at ground level fire missile randomly into the sky for defensive purpose.
Some missiles from the base may take the form of a floating ball which will become a heat-seeking missile and attack the jet.
If the jet is shot by the missiles or if it collides with the floating ball, it will explode and player loose one of his three chances.
If the bases are shot by the jet, they will explode and vanish from the screen.
Difficulty is enhanced when level is advanced with increasing number of bases, alls and the speed of missiles.
There are 6 distinct level in one complete cycle and game pattern will recycle upon completion of all 6 level.
The maximum score is 999999.


Model CA283


Programmer: Robert L. Esken Jr.

Game's ROM.