Z [Model SCES-00600]

A 21-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Z © 1997 Sony Computer Ent., Inc.

Z is a real-time strategy wargame in a free-roaming environment. Go head to head in a hair-raising race for territory and resources as you attempt to crush your opponent before he overpowers you.

Z is played across 20 levels on 5 planetscapes and has a 2-player mode, using two monitors and a Link cable!

* 20 levels crammed into 5 planetscapes.
* An intuitive control system means players can begin play without being tied to manual instructions.
* Six different robot soldiers with 40 individual actions.
*Battle your way across 20 challenging levels, played across 5 deadly planets, each with their own unique terrain: Arctic wastes to lands of magma and fire.
* 30 minutes of video sequences with digital audio.


Game ID: SCES-00600


Released in December 1997 in Europe.


Krisalis Software Ltd. (PlayStation Conversion)
Project Manager: Simeon Pashley
Lead Programmer: Andrew Ware
Additional Programmers: Sam Baker, Darren Moore, Richard Hazlewood, Mick Murphy, Peter Harrap
Artists: Darren Hebden, Tracey Hudson

GT Interactive (Europe) Ltd.
Producer: David Nottingham
QA Manager: Liam DelaHunty
Lead Testers: Tim Mawson, Alex Bush
Testers: Ben Browning, Kolin Tregaskes, Jude Simon

Sony Computer Entertainment (Europe)
Staff: Martin Alltimes, James Dillon