A 29-year-old Arcade Video Game by Taito

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Yukiwo © 1989 Taito.

Somewhere in the 1990s, the world has been throught the holocaust and ended up a rather different place. A new order has sprung up and taken control, but at least one person has decided that this new regime is not to his liking. That person is Yukiwo - the thoughest motorcyclist the world has ever known. To escape from the cluchers of the Earth's new rulers, Yukiwo drives along a blisteringly-paced scroling landscape, fending off attacks from all sides. Ground-based fortresses (both mobile and static), swarms of aircraft and masses of foot soldiers combine to shower a deadly rain on the advancing hero. Yukiwo has a choice of two weapons to hit back with: a short-range cannon for the ground based obstacles and a long-range laser for the aerial attackers. These are activated by the left and right fire buttons and are replenished en-route bu collecting items.


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This game was rewiewed at the March 1989 issue of 'Your Sinclair' magazine, but it wasn't released. Instead, this game was released as "Master of weapon".

The name Yukiwo also appears at the credits of "Master of weapon".


Differences between "Yukiwo" and "Master of weapon" are :
1. In Yukiwo the lower left description shows Yukiwo while in the "Master of weapon" shows Stock.
2. In the lower right description in "Yukiwo" shows Buster while in the "Master of weapon" shows Guide.

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