Yars' Revenge [Model CX2655]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari, Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

Yars' Revenge © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

The primary objective of the game is to break a path through the shield, and destroy the Qotile with a blast from the Zorlon Cannon. The secondary objective is to score as many points as possible.

GAME 0 - This is the simplest version, a good choice for young children to play. It features a slow Destroyer Missile.

GAME 1 - This is the 2-player version of Game 0.

GAME 2 - This is the 'normal' game, with two alternating Shield configurations, plus a Destroyer Missile, and a Swirl travelling at normal speed.

GAME 3 - This is the 2-player version of Game 2.

GAME 4 - This game features a Zorlon Cannon that bounces off the shield. (Watch out! It can destroy you on its return flight.) There are two alternating Shield configurations, plus a Destroyer Missile and a Swirl travelling at normal speeds.

GAME 5 - This is the 2-player version of Game 4.

ULTIMATE YARS: GAMES 6 and 7 - Ultimate Yars features a bouncing Zorlon Cannon, plus some unusual twists that distinguish it from the other Yar games.

First, you must bounce the Yar against the left side of the screen to make the Zorlon Cannon appear. Also, to make the cannon appear, you need five TRONS. TRONS are units of energy which you can collect at the following rate:
1. Eat a cell from the shield: 1 TRON
2. Touch the Qotile: 2 TRONS
3. Catch a Zorlon Cannon shot after it bounces off the shield: 4 TRONS

If a Yar bounces of the left side with less than five TRONS, it will not get a shot, but it won't lose the TRONS it has, either. (Each time a Yar is destroyed, it loses its TRONS). Each Yar has a capacity of 255 TRONS. If a Yar tries to take on more than that, it will short out and the Yar will lose all its TRONS. The count of TRONS is not displayed on the screen. Yar scouts understand the count instinctively.

GAME 6 is the 1-player version of ULTIMATE YARS.

GAME 7 is the 2-player version.


Model CX2655



When you destroy the Qotile, or a Swirl, there will be an explosion, during which the Yar stays on the screen. Use this opportunity to make up your own victory dance. And watch out for the Ghost of Yars! You'll see his mean streak, so stay off it!

The Qotile continually changes colors. The color sequence is your cue to the appearance of a Swirl, and gives you warning to plan your attack and defense.

If you fly over the Qotile as it changes to a Swirl, it will destroy you, so be careful.

When you think you are a tough avenger, switch the difficulty to A, and then try Ultimate Yars!



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