Yakuza 3 [Model BLUS-30494]

Export Sony PlayStation 3 disc published 11 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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Yakuza 3 © 2010 Sega of America, Inc.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Japanese release, "Ryu ga Gotoku 3 [Model BLJM-60132]", for more information about the game itself.

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Game ID: BLUS-30494



CEO: Mike Hayes
President: Masanao Maeda
COO: Masanao Maeda

Product Development
Associate Localization Producer: Kevin Frane
Senior Localization Producer: J. Patrick Riley
Vice President of Product Development: Bret Berry
Vice President, Content: John Whitmore

Marketing and Public Relations
Vice President of Marketing: Sean Ratcliffe
Director of Marketing: Darren Williams
Senior Brand Manager: Logan Parr
Public Relations Manager: Denny Chiu
Senior Public Relations Manager: Tali Fischer
Public Relations Coordinator: Aaron Palacios
Senior Creative Services Manager: Jen Groeling
Media and Event Manager: Teri Higgins
Associate Production Manager: Heather Lucchetti
Advertising and Production Specialist: Mary Disbrow
Graphic Designer: Marco Garcia
Video Production Manager: Carl Smolka
Assistant Editor: Greg Ammen
Director, Online and Community: Brandon Laurino
Senior Web Producer: Marjorie Puruganan
Associate Web Producer: Jacqueline Lee
Senior Web Designer: Annie Shaw

Vice President of Sales: Brad Wildes
Senior Director, Sales Operations: Laurie Mendez
Senior Account Managers: May Hayes, Kathy Nebel
Account Manager: Linda Lei
Sales/Operations Coordinator: Helen Kang
Director, Channel Marketing: Scott Lambrecht
Senior Channel Marketing Manager: Sandee Ferrara

Senior Operations Director: Tom Dudley
Senior Purchasing Coordinator: Lu Luna
Inventory and Materials Coordinator: Andy Navarro

Quality Assurance
Development Operations Director: John Merlino
QA Manager: Mark Cartwright
QA Supervisors: Shawn Dobbins, Demetrius Griffin
QA Lead Tester: Anthony Banks
QA Assistant Lead Tester: Aryn Lockhart
Standards Supervisor: Stephen Akana
Standards Lead: Lawrence Mann
Standards Assistant Leads: Dmitryi Khlynin, Jonathan Lalas
Standards Testers: David Casallas, Austin Storms
Localization Text Support: Teressa Wright, Camden Tayler, Justin Honegger, Christine Letheby, Junior Sison
Mastering Lab Supervisor: Rey Casto Buzon
Mastering Lab Technicians: Christopher Rilles, Kenneth Nacua
Hardware Technician: Matt Ellison
Special Thanks: Osamu Shibamiya, Kerri Hammernick, Aaron Webber
Overseas Consumer Business Department (SEGA of Japan): Yuka Yoshida, Tatsuya Shikata