Xexex [Model GX067]

The Arcade PCB by Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

Xexex [Model GX067] screenshot

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Xexex © 1991 Konami.

Fly the Flintlock TMF01 across several beautifully drawn stages and help save the Planet E-Square! A great horizontal scrolling shooter featuring some very large ships, lots of raster effects and one neat charge-shot.


Game ID: GX067
PROM Stickers: 067

Main CPU: Motorola 68000
Sound CPU: Zilog Z80
Sound Chips: Yamaha YM2151, K054539, (4x) Volume

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 2


King Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Xexex: Konami Kukeiha Club - KICA-7508) on 21/01/1992.

Konami released two Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Flint and Flint Lock, as a reference to this game.


The game is notable for different gameplay mechanics between the original Japanese release and the overseas releases. The Japanese version has lives (with re-spawn points) instead of a life-bar and a much larger variety of weapons. The enemy patterns are also changed slightly.


Directored by : Tom Murchie
Program design by : Tom Murchie, Baumann, Wady Teits
Graphic design by : Mickey, James K kark, Cha Heifetz
Sound designers : Carol Queen, Michael Oldriver, Rosetta Stone, Shanghai Manmos
Hardware design by : Jean Simons
Title design by : Nissy Balvoa
Character design by : Ken.Heine
Art directed by : Maguro Banda
Special design by : Nori Tama
Special effect by : Screaming (Mt.Fuji)
Sub special effect by : Tamaya Jp
Screen play by : Coszo Gi Ken
Planning produced by : Studio Sumomo


It took 16 years for Xexex to get a home port.


japan Sony PSP (jan.25, 2007) "Salamander Portable [Model ULJM-05219]"
japan Sony PSP (mar.13, 2008) "Salamander Portable [Konami The Best] [Model ULJM-05322]"

Game's ROM.

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