Xenophobe [Model PA2026]

Atari Lynx cart. published 31 years ago by Atari

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Xenophobe © 1990 Atari Corp.

Xenophobe is a frightening game of outer space terror in which one to four players work to rid 23 multi-level space stations of creepy alien Xenos.

A team of space mechanics sent to repair the planets vital space stations sent a frantic signal for help. No one could understand the message. It was thought that they had run out of supplies or air, or maybe that the temperature control systems on the space stations had failed, resulting in intense heat and bonesplitting cold.

Until one day, unexpectedly, one of the maintenance transport craft returned, flown by only one man. He was severely wounded. The tale he told was one of terror. He told of strange creatures that took over the space stations and began to breed. He described strange eggs hatching into pods. The pods turned into skin-sucking critters and ultimately into nasty, spitting snotterpillars. When asked about his companions, he could not answer. His face twisted in terror, he collapsed to the floor. With his last breath, he gasped the word everybody on the planet dreaded - Xenos.

Xenos. The creatures of nightmare. When the planet was first settled, the new colonists were attacked by those hideous creatures from the outer worlds. Only after suffering heavy casualties were the colonists able to fight off the Xenos. Since then, frequent attacks had caused the people of the planet to protect themselves by developing a complex system of space stations to warn of Xeno attacks.

But now Xenos have overrun the space stations and the planet is in grave danger. The Xenos could use the artificial climate of the stations to become used to the planets atmosphere and temperatures. If the Xenos could successfully adapt for permanent life on the planet, then humankind is in jeopardy. It happened on the old world, Earth. Now it could happen on the new world.

An understaffed and ill-equipped group of space gladiators has been dispatched to exterminate the wicked menace. But even if they manage to locate and use the artillery scattered throughout the space stations, they may not be able to withstand the terror of what they are about to see. The people of the planet may have waited too long. It may be too late.


Cartridge ID: PA2026


1990 - Consoles + HS N.2 [FR]: 81/100


Festor: 250 points
Snotterpillar: 150 points
Tentacle: 100 points
Rollerbaby: 100 points
Critter: 75 points
Pod: 25 points

Bomb: 100 points
Money: 90 points
Comlink: 90 points
Disk: 90 points
Secret Paper: 90 points
Tools: 90 points
Bottle: 80 points
Knife: 80 Points
Bones: 40 points
Rope: 40 Points
Lab Device: 30 or 90 Points
Fluid: 30 Points
Vitamins: 30 points

Fluid: 48 health points
Pail: 48 health points
Vitamins: 48 health points

Station Overrun: 0 point
Self-Destruct: 100 points/Xeno
Base Cleared: 300 points/xeno and 200 health Points


Your primary goal is to destroy xenos as quickly as possible and secure the base.

Save your bombs for Snotterpillar bunches.

In a multiplayer game, split up to cover all rooms more quickly. Work together on particularly nasty rooms.

Save yourself by using self-destruct codes on the more difficult space stations. Use these codes only as a last resort - each station is an important piece of the planet's defense chain.

Master you bomb-throwing technique. Bombs are highly effective. Watch out for friends; they are not immune to your bombs.

Jetpacks are very effective against Festors.


Programmer: Gil Colgate


Game's ROM.