Xenophobe [Model CX26172]

A 28-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari

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Xenophobe © 1990 Atari Corporation.

Hostile aliens--Xenophobes--are infesting space stations vital to your planet's security. These aliens threaten to overrun the stations, rendering the space stations useless.

You are part of an elite team which is ready to speed to these endangered space stations. Your mission is clear: destroy the aliens regain control of the space stations, and pick up any valuable hardware you might discover as you sweep the stations for aliens.

The aliens are a swarming band of uglies straight out of your worst nightmare. You'll need to use your talent just to stay alive as you rid each space station of these pests. You don't want to let them catch you. It's them or you.

The message has come. It's up to you and your teammates to cleanse each space station of aliens. Your Mother Ship brings you to the vicinity of each overrun space station. You then enter the space station via a transfer disk, which beams you aboard.

Another member of your elite squad can work stations too, and you may compete for high score, or work on your own to clear the aliens from an infested space station. Just be careful as you enter a space station. The aliens are everywhere!

Xenophobe's split-screen lets two players move independently. You view each player's game action on a separate-half of the screen. The left controller (player 1) corresponds to the top-screen view while the right controller (player 2) corresponds to the bottom. Players alternate their play. Player 1 competes and when done, Player 2 begins playing.

Note: The size of a player's viewing screen is the same whether you are playing a one-player or two-player game.


Model CX26172


You receive points for destroying aliens, picking up valuable
hardware during your mission in each spacestation, and for finding and picking up health objects which increase your life.

Killing Aliens:
Tentacle: 125 points.
Snotterpillar: 100 points.
Rollerbaby: 75 points.
Critter: 50 points.
Pod: 25 points.

Picking Up Weapons:
Grenade: 500 points.
Poofer Gun: 400 points.
Lightning Rifle: 300 points.
Laser Pistol: 200 points.
Phaser: 10 points.

Picking Up Valuable Hardware:
Clipboard: 500 points
Transmitter: 500 points
Skull: 500 points
Can: 500 points
Knife: 500 points
Rope: 250 points

Health Points:
Burger: 50 units
Flask: 50 units


Your primary mission is to locate and eliminate the aliens as quickly as possible. Don't spend too much time searching for valuable objects.

The aliens are clumsier and easier to kill at the lower levels of a space station. Save your best firepower for the scariest aliens, and remember that your biggest challenges await at the higher levels.

Be ever alert for the aliens' varied means of attack.

Shoot tentacles by jumping and quickly firing.

Use grenades to destroy aliens rolled into balls.

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