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Arcade Video game published 25 years ago by Virtual Reality Ent.

Xenomorph screenshot

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Xenomorph © 1994 Virtual Reality Entertainment.

A multiplayer, fully immersive, virtual reality game experience that transports the player to a high-tech, futuristic scientific research complex on Mars. The task : save both the facility and its desperate crew from invading alien creatures. Xenomorph also offers a cooperative experience.


VRE POD hardware (Pentium PC based)

Type of Interface: Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture: Stand Up
Motion of the platform: No
Controls: 3D joystick (with tracking)
Computer platform: Pentium PC
Type of display: Liquid Image MRG2 HMD
Tracking: Polhemus (Two 6 DOF head and hand tracking system)
Size of the Unit: 48'' round base, H: 48''
Unit Description: Stand alone POD

Graphical Information:
Texture mapping capability: yes, perspective corrected texture mapped
Other Graphical Info: pixel planes parallel graphics processor

Type of Sound3D: stereo sound

Control : headset tracker, 3-D joystick

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