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List of songs playables on this page:

01 all that x-men (title demo part 1).vgz
02 all that x-men (title demo part 2).vgz
03 code 1012 (player select).vgz
04 they come from hell (start demo).vgz
05 here comes the hero (stage 1).vgz
06 do the right thing (boss).vgz
07 premonition (stage clear).vgz
08 junk factory (stage 2).vgz
09 psycho talking (midway demo 1-1).vgz
10 no fear to fight (midway demo 1-2).vgz
11 dance with a crocodile (stage 3).vgz
12 ambience of the underground (stage 4).vgz
13 please.. rescue the professor (midway demo 2).vgz
14 mountain top (stage 5).vgz
15 ethnic cave & flame (stage 6).vgz
16 command from prof. x to defeat enemy attacks (midway demo 4-1).vgz
17 i wish you a pleasant journey (midway demo 4-2).vgz
18 i will keep on fighting as long as i live (stage 7).vgz
19 nightmarish fight (final boss).vgz
20 is that all you have got (game over).vgz
21 fake dance (ranking).vgz
22 they are peaceful living people (ending).vgz
23 unused 1.vgz
24 unused 2.vgz
25 stereo test.vgz