X-Man [Model 1005]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Universal Gamex

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X-Man © 1983 Universal Gamex Corp.

X-Man is a maze type video game. Using your JOYSTICK you control the left, right, up and down movement of X-Man. Your object is to move him through the maze to the colored door in the center within the 99 seconds allowed. You have four lives and risk losing one if you fail to get to the door before the time runs out. Coming at you from the door are one of the three attackers, (Crabs, Scissors or Teeth). You risk losing one life each time you are caught by an attacker. When all four lives are lost, the game is over.

Once you reach the door, the maze will FLASH and the video screen will change format to take you behind the door for a very SEXY SURPRISE. You have achieved your first goal and now have 30 seconds to make love with the Sexy Blonde. Using your JOYSTICK, you control the movement of X-Man as you try to bring the sensual excitement to a climax. Move faster and faster and watch the action build. But don’t let up your pace or you may not reach climax in time.


Model 1005


This game has nothing to do with the similarly named Marvel's comic book series entitled X-Men. It is the only title made by Universal Gamex. It had faced protest from women’s groups when it was first released, and most retailers declined to carry it - or if they did, buyers had to be 18 years old to purchase the game, or it was kept under-the-counter. It could also be purchased via mail order, and an ad inviting such purchases appeared in at least one gaming magazine - a full-page ad can be found in the July 1983 issue of Videogaming Illustrated.
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Your score is based on how many seconds remain on the red COUNTDOWN TIMER at the top of the screen when X-Man reaches the door in the center of the maze. Multiply the number of seconds remaining on the timer times 10 to figure out your score (i.e. 45 seconds = 450 points). The faster you get to the door, the more points you score. You score no points if you are caught by the Crab, Scissors or Teeth. When there are 10 seconds remaining on the COUNTDOWN TIMER, the door will FLASH and a warning SOUND will activate to remind you that you will lose one life and score no points if you do not get to the door in the remaining 10 seconds.


Designer: Alan Roberts
Programmer: H.K. Poon
Graphics: Miguel Castillo

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