WWF No Mercy [Model NUS-NW4E-USA]

A 18-year-old Nintendo 64 Game by T-HQ, Inc.

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WWF No Mercy © 2000 THQ.

THQ's Asmik-coded wrestling Paks have been top-sellers since the early days of the N64 platform, and the Y2K entry looks to be no exception. New features like a Smackdown Mall and old faves like that terrific World Wrestling Federation license and slap-happy control peg No Mercy as the 1,000-pound gorilla of brawlers.

Solo players can go for a variety of belts in Championship. In Survival mode, you command a superstar through a stunning gauntlet of 100 wrestlers.

Multiplayer modes include:

Royal Rumble: Four wrestlers battle at a time. As one is eliminated, another enters the ring. As many as 40 wrestlers can get in on the fun.
Pay Per View: Recreate historic shows or invent an all-new one. You can name the event and set the date, location, number of matches and match types.
King of the Ring: Three to 16 wrestlers tussle for the King of the Ring crown. The formats are Single Match, Tag Match, Cage Match, Ladder: Single and Ladder: Tag.
Guest Referee: A selected superstar tries to be as fair and impartial as Solomon. Yeah, right.
Ladder Match: Be the first to scamper up the ladder and claim the championship belt.
Ironman Match: The winner is the one with the most falls before the bell sounds.

THQ's second World Wrestling Federation and fifth wrestling game for the N64 features enhanced customization options and a whopping 80 snarling gladiators.

You can create your own superstar, purchase duds and other spiffy stuff with your earnings in the Smackdown Mall, then store your personal champion in a Controller Pak for easy portability.

World Wrestling Federation: No Mercy offers five difficulty levels and allows each player to freely reconfigure his or her Controller.




Released on November 17, 2000 in the USA.

No Mercy was also planned as a Game Boy Color title that would link to the N64 version using the Transfer Pak. However THQ canned the GBC title, so the transfer pak special features were added as normal features for the N64.

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