Worms [Model JA103]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 23 years ago by Telegames, Inc.

Worms [Model JA103] screenshot

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Worms (c) 1998 Telegames.

Worms requires great thought, strategy and elements of sheer outrageous fortune within an almost infinite range of playing possibilities. This game has tons of weapon power-ups (bazookas, cluster bombs, and homing missiles), and the most brutal worm battalions ever to infest a game screen!

Teams take turns to bombard the enemy with whatever weapon they feel is likely to reap the most reward. The last team remaining wins the game. Designed for one to four players of all ages.


Model JA103


Originally intended to be a Jaguar exclusive, Worms came out for just about every other platform first.


* Cheat codes:
After the landscape is generated, press B and enter code.
Recall Last Played Level: 1471
Allow All Levels: ALL
Only Alien Levels: ALIEN
Only Arctic Levels: ARCTIC
Only Candy Levels: CANDY
Only Desert Levels: DESERT
Only Forest Levels: FOREST
Only Hell Levels: 666
Only Junkyard Levels: JUNK
Only Martian Levels: MARS

* Cool Landscapes:
After the landscape is generated, press B and enter code.
62997503: Injun Joe's Hideout - Desert
OUCH: King of the hill - Forest
BEN: Two sides of the ocean - Hell
24833916: Flat and featureless - Hell
TISSOGDRIT: Flat w/evenly spaced statues - Alien
WILTON: Flat w/evenly spaced snowmen - Arctic
MYSTEE: Flat w/trees - Forest
731931229: Long bridge - Ice
99289: Long bridge - Forest
HOPELESS: Long bridge - Forest
BADRAN: Long bridge - Desert
SEAGULL: Long bridge - Candy
02180719: Big columns, bottomless - Arctic
02182719: Big columns, bottomless - Hell
02184719: Big columns, bottomless - Beach
02186719: Big columns, bottomless - Junkyard
02188719: Big columns, bottomless - Arctic
7373888390: Big columns - Hell
8131166523: Short columns - Beach
02183719: Big dome - Forest
02185719: Big bowl - Alien
02187719: Slope/dome - Arctic
02189719: Slope/dome - Beach
70345: Shallow slope w/bars - Candy
7007230: Big slope - Arctic
416241: Caverns of Viet Nam - Forest
LOSE: Outcrop at sea - Martian
66888: Tiny outcrop at sea - Junkyard
980351: Pedestal at sea - Alien
HIDEYHOLE: Bigger pedestal at sea - Forest
75912494: Yet another pedestal at sea - Forest
98620: Caverns of Mars - Martian
TRIFECTA: Underground maze - Hell
CLITO: Underground maze II - Hell
8878942: Trash heap at sea - Junkyard
3333333333: Bridge and land bridge - Forest


Game's ROM.