Worm Whomper [Model M-006-03]

Mattel Intellivision game published 38 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Worm Whomper [Model M-006-03] screenshot

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Worm Whomper (c) 1983 Activision, Incorporated.

Welcome to Felton Pinkerton's farm where corn grows high at harvesting time. But, wait! Wave after wave of horrible corn huskers are slithering, sliding, oozing toward your corn crops. The corn must be saved! The worms must be whomped! Run to the shed, grab your B-U-G pesticide and spray, Spray, SPRAY! Worm Whomper. Watch what crops up!


[Model M-006-03]


back in the 80s, players who sent a photo to Activision showing a score of 75,000 or more received an official 'Activision Worm Whompers' emblem.


Design/Program: Tom Loughry


Game's ROM.