World Series Baseball [Model 1222]

Sega Genesis cart. published 29 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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World Series Baseball [Model 1222] screenshot

World Series Baseball © 1994 Sega of America.

All 28 Major League teams in the new six Division alignment.

All 700 players, including your favorite stars! Many off-season free agent moves and trades are included.

Sports Talk - new, improved play-by-play commentary.

All-Star Features:
* Home Run Derby
* Batting Practice
* 13/26/52/162 game league play
* Battery back-up keeps full statistics

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GAME ID: 1222
CART. ID: 670-2941
COVER ID: 670-2942


World Series Baseball was named 1994 Baseball Game of the Year (GameFan Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 1).

The game was rated GA (General Audiences: Appropriate for all audiences) by the VRC (Videogame Rating Council).

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Designers: Chuck Osieja, Dana Christianson
Producers: Chris Smith, Jesse Taylor, Daniel Meade, Ken Balthaser Jr.
Executive Producer: Wayne Townsend
Project Manager: Mark Dobratz
Programmers: David Dentt, Larry Clague, Steven Hostetler, Kevin Baca, Brian Belfield, Bonita Kane (Bo Kane), Richard Karpp
Artists: Chuck Osieja, Scott Seidel, John Seidel, Matt McDonald, Drew Krevi, Amber Long, Mark Dobratz, Elizabeth Anderson-Hendricks (Liz Anderson), Robert Cuenca, Kevin McMahon

Sportstalk: Alan Maynard (Allen Maynard), Joe Shands, Fletcher Beasley
Speech Programmer: Alan Maynard
Sound Effects, Speech Compression Technology, Electronic Speech Systems: Fletcher Beasley

Batting Grids and Pitching Charts: Baseball Analysis and Reporting System (BARS)
Career Player Statistics: The Baseball Workshop
Music: Sam Powell
Lead Tester: Vincent Nason
Testers: Todd Morgan, Stephen Bourdet, Jerry DeYoung, John Amirkhan, Michael Baldwin, Greg Becksted, Dusty Bedford, Michael Bench, Daniel Caraballo, Glen A. Cureton, Chris Cutliff, Daniel P. Dunn, Mark Fabela, Eric Fong, Richard Gangwish, Lawrence Gibson, Roman Greco, Rick Greer, Randall Hauser, Tracy Johnson, Darin Johnston, Dan Jung, Jeff Junio, Kevin Labounty, Jeffrey L. Loney, Michael Madden, Julio Martinez, Lancelot Nelson, Mike Palser, Chris Pepper, Kevin Seiter, Timothy Spengler, Siegfried Stangenberg, Mark Subotnick, Terry Thomas, Conan Tigard, Matt Underwood, Gregg Vogt, Paul Walker, Greg Watkins (Gregg Watkins), Christine Watson, Richard Wong (Rich Wong)
Marketing: Doug Rebert, Kelly Ryan
Manual: Mike Yoffie
Special Thanks to: Ronald Thompson, George Kiss, Jennifer Cleary (Jennifer Cleary-Haney), Trevor Bostelaar, Jason Weesner, Michael McMahon, Chris Gill, Jason Gill, W. T. Safooa, Joe Miller, Jeff Moses, Gary Gillette, Lori Niwa, Stephen Patterson, George Degolian, Norman Wood


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