Wordplay [Model 819 1004]

Phillips CD-i CD-ROM published 25 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Wordplay © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

The word is out about this fun and challenging word game! Up to four players can compete to collect letters from a pool and race to make words with these letters. The amusing character Bob is your host and score-keeper. There's no way to guess the way Bob will present new letters, so the race can turn over many times on your way to score 200 points.


Model 819 1004


Program notes: Programming was done using Balboa, on top of which lies a proprietary scripting language similar to HyperTalk. This compiles to efficient code that is interpreted at run-time. Graphical objects such as the buttons, letters and numbers are processed by a separate 'object' compiler, which generates a list of named objects for use at run-time, each having information about size and position. The title and credits animations are RL7 movies; other animations were generated by a proprietary sprite compiler as tables of frame differences. The dictionary is Huffman coded and memory resident. It occupies about 100k bytes. The project took about a year of intermittent effort by one designer and one programmer.

This game was originally published in 1977 in an early issue of Personal Computer World, under the name of 'Scramble'. The basic game strategy, which remains the same, was wholly an original idea by Graham Trott, owing nothing to any other word game past or present.

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