Woolly Mammoth

Slot Machine published 6 years ago by IGT

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They roam the prehistoric tundra, majestically towering over all other life forms. Despite being peaceful, their sheer size inspires a mixture of fear and awe from all the creatures they encounter. Early humans, amazed by these giants, created drawings on cave walls to try and capture their grandeur. Journey way back in time to witness the legendary Woolly Mammoth!

Woolly Mammoth features the Collection Bonus, which multiplies the entire total winnings of the free games if the player captures all five letters of the word 'bonus.' This total can be multiplied anywhere from 3x to 10x, depending on what mystery symbol the player chooses at the conclusion of the bonus round. Stacked Symbols and Stacked Wilds ensure that wins can grow as big as the animals that inspired the game!

Woolly Mammoth. Delve into this prehistoric world and witness one of the era's most fascinating creatures. 3 by 5 reels. 40 paylines. Special Features: Collection Bonus, Stacked Symbols, and Stacked Wilds.


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