Wizard of Wor [Model 80000]

Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by Gabriel Industries

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Wizard of Wor [Model 80000] screenshot

Wizard of Wor © 1982 Gabriel Ind.

A special home version of the Bally/Midway arcade game.

The object of WIZARD OF WOR is to accumulate points by destroying the Worlings you encounter as you pass through numerous dungeon mazes. In the two-player version you can work with or compete against another Worrior commander.


GAME ID: 80000


Blue Burwors: 100 points.
Yellow Garwors: 200 points.
Red Thorwors: 500 points.
Worluk: 1000 points plus double score in the next dungeon.
Wizard of Wor: 2500 points.
Worriors (2-player version): 1000 points.


* Pick a safe moment and put your Worrior into play as soon as possible. Otherwise, after 20 seconds he'll be ejected into the dungeon which may leave him in a bad position.

* Learn to use your radar scanner and rely on it to locate invisible Worlings and track their movements.

* Don't shoot without having a plan to hit something. Otherwise, you may not be able to shoot when you have to.


Programmers: Joe Hellesen, Joe Wagner


Game's ROM.