Wizard of Wor [Model 4L 2713]

Atari 5200 cart. published 40 years ago by CBS, Inc.

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Wizard of Wor [Model 4L 2713] screenshot

Wizard of Wor © 1983 CBS, Incorporated.

The object of WIZARD OF WOR is to accumulate points by destroying the Worlings you encounter as you pass through numerous dungeon mazes. Bonus points are allotted for successfully battling the Worluck and the Wizard himself. In the two-player version you can work with or compete against another Worrior commander.


Model 4L 2713


BURWORS: 100 points
GARWORS: 200 points
THORWORS: 500 points
WORLUK: 1000 points plus double score in next dungeon
WIZARD OF WOR: 2500 points plus double score in next dungeon
WORRIORS: 1000 points (Two-player version)


* In the early dungeons, Worlings will remain slow for a longer period of time than in later dungeons. Therefore, it is to your advantage to get your Worrior into the dungeons as fast as possible and blast away Worling after Worling before they speed up.

* Learn to use your radar scanner and rely on it to locate invisible Worlings and track their movements.

* Don't shoot without having a plan to hit something. Otherwise, you may not be able to shoot when you have to.


Programmer: Joe Hellesen


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