Wipeout [Model SCES-00010]

Sony PlayStation Game published 24 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. Europe

Not emulated yet.


Wipeout © 1995 Sony Computer Ent. Europe.

A classic to rival Ridge Racer, WipEout is an outstanding game. The graphics are faultless as you blast along, hovering above the ground in an aerodynamic, gorgeously-rendered craft, collecting weapon power-ups and negotiating tough turns. The sound is top notch too: dance tracks by Leftfield, Orbital and others, that mix perfectly with the on-screen action.

There are 12 courses in all - 6 rated beginner and 6 'Rapier' class. In Rapier class you travel the same courses but plays faster and do it in the dark. Gameplay is flexible too. You choose from single circuit races, time trials or can go for championship mode - which is a point-based course progression which requires you to finish in the first three in order to move on.


Game ID: SCES-00010


Released on September 29, 1995 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Wipeout [Model SCUS-94301]"
[JP] "Wipeout [Model SIPS-60003]"


Managing Directors: Ian Hetherington, Jonathan Ellis
Director of Development: John White
Producer: Dominic Mallinson
Product Manager: Sue Campbell
Product Assistant: Claire Garvie
Team Leader: Nicky Carus-Wescott
Game Designer: Nick Burcombe
Programmers: David Rose, Rob Smith, Jason Denton, Stuart Sockett
3D & 2D Artists: Nicky Carus-Wescott, Laura Grieve, Louise Smith, Darren Douglas, Pol Sigerson
Additional Game Graphics and PR/Marketing Graphics: Lee Carus-Wescott
Conceptual Artist: Jim Bowers
Additional Graphic Design: The Designers Republic
Music: Tim Wright
Sound Effects: Tim Wright
PR ‑ UK: Glen O'Connell
PR ‑ USA: Mark Day
PR ‑ France: Catherine Jaymond
PR ‑ Germany: Ingo Zaborowski
Manual Written by: Damon Fairclough, Nick Burcombe
Packaging Design & Direction: The Designers Republic, Anthony Roberts, Keith Hopwood
Technical Assistant: Paul Charsley
Development Secretary: Jennifer Rees
Quality Assurance: Mark O'Connor, Mark Inman, Paul Tweedle
Special Thanks to: Softimage, SGI, Bars & Pipes Professional, Cluffy, Paul McGarvey, Rob Holden, Paul Hartnoll, Joanne Galvin, Michele Raulin, Caroline Dupuy, Chris Meredith