Wings [Model AGB-AWQE-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 18 years ago by Metro 3D, Inc.

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Wings © 2003 Metro 3D, Inc.

Cinemaware's WWI action/flight sim comes to Game Boy Advance.

In Wings, you'll relive the action, glory and seat-of-the-pants daring of a WWI Allied or German fighter pilot. Wings Advance includes a wide variety of missions, from strafing enemy convoys to bombing aerodromes. You'll also go head-to-head against opposing fliers in first-person dogfights.

Wings combines arcade-style action (the strafing missions take place in an isometric 3-D perspective) with a first-person flight sim. Between missions, cinema scenes tell the story of the war as it progresses.

Wings is easy to pick up and pilot, and challenges players with over 100 increasingly difficult missions. You can fight through the entire Great War and build your pilot from a rookie to an ace.

You'll also be able to go head-to-head with up to four friends using the Game Boy Advance Link cable.




Released on February 11, 2003 in USA.


Executive Producer: Lars Fuhrken-Batista
Producer: Zak McClendon
Special Thanks: John Chowanec, Sean Vesce, Morgan Whitney Gray

Director of Development: Michael Merren
Producer: Adam Bouskill
Design: Adam Bouskill, Jake May
Programmer: Gianluca Cancelmi
Poster Art: Jo Stearn
Music and SFX: Rockett Music
Development Assistants: Tim Coode, William Greenough
QA: Jon Shearn
Special Thanks: Cameron Sheppard, Lynne Bradstock, Steven Frazer, Colin Kendrick, Family and Friends

Director of Development: Fausto Cardone
Lead Programmer: Fausto Cardone
Programming: Giovanni Ivan Ferraro, Gianluca Alberico
Technical Artists Supervisor: Francesco Paduano
Artist: Raffaele Grande
Level Mapping: Massimiliano Di Monda, Francesco Paduano, Raffaele Grande
Production Assistant: Maddelena Da Pozzo
QA: Massimiliano Di Monda
Special Thanks: Vanni Miele (the president), Arianna Miele (the little Raylight), Concetta, Anna Esposito, Enzo Caldarulo (Eye&Light), Gaetano Campagna (Evvetype), @ura, Cheope and her Juventus, Nerea the little doll, Silvio Serpe (pagliariccio), Serna - Coffeegirl, Pasquale - Coffeeman, Family and Friends

Producer: Baldwin Yen
Sales and Marketing: Joseph Morici, Corey Tresidder, Shaun Tsai, Tony Abiog, Lisa Mandile
Operations: Eva Chiu, Kim Chang, Laura Lee
Business: Stephen Lin, Joey Hu, Winnie Lo, Eric Chiu, Giancarlo Cappozzoli, Larry Wang
QA Manager: Saeed Goraya
Testers: Ed General, Juan Henriquez, Rob Martin, Kevin T Lee, Vince Favilla


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