A Fruit Machine by JPM International

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Wings © 200? JPM.

Wings is designed to expand the proven formula of multi-stake games. The introduction of new features to this market include a skill feature and a progressive mechanism for feature entry. When in the feature, the player is awarded a single spin of the propeller, which spins with both blades pointing to the ring of awards. The ring lights up according to the combination of colours gained for feature entry. The propellor slowly comes to rest on the 2 winning awards. The values are then added together and the player is given the option to 'turbo gamble' the value of the multilplier. If all 3 feature symbols appear in the reels in the 27-way win position in a single spin, then the player is awarded a 'skill stop' on the main feature. The player must use their skill to stop the propellers on the highest value of awards.


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Released in Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

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