Win Spinner

A Fruit Machine by JPM International

Not emulated yet.


Win Spinner © ???? JPM.

Win Spinner is a 6-reel multi-stake game offering two award cards. There is also an exciting 'win spinner' feature available on both stakes of the top game. All standard base games are available along with 5 or 10 stake top games which have 27 win lines, no holds and a chance of a winspins streak feature. Once 3 'spin' symbols appear anywhere in the top reel window, the player is given a spin to a reel win fruit combination. A 'win spinner'/'win repeat' chance is then offered for another win. 'Win spinner' will continue the feature, 'win' will award another winning reel combination, then terminate the feature. Win values in this feature are cumulative.


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Released in Netherlands only.

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