Wimbledon [Model 730]

Arcade Video game published 50 years ago by Nutting Associates, Inc.

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Wimbledon © 1973 Nutting Associates.

A full color ball & paddle tennis game for 2-4 players. Instead of knobs to control the action, this used Nutting's slider controllers, which were also used on their Table Tennis and Paddle Derby games.

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[Model 730]


Wimbledon was released in November 1973 in the USA. It was one of the earliest games to use real color (as opposed to colored overlays) - some sources list it as THE first however, Atari's Gotcha Color model began production in October 1973, while Wimbledon debuted at the MOA 1973 tradeshow in November.

Despite being the first color ball & paddle game, Wimbledon and Nutting's other games failed to ignite the market and the company would face bankruptcy by the end of 1974. They did manage to emerge from that and licensed out Exidy's TV Pinball (branding it as Ricochet) in 1976 but it wasn't enough to keep the company afloat.


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Atari sales sheet confirms Gotcha's Color release as October 1973 (Arcade Heroes)
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