Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits [Model SLUS-00201]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Williams Ent., Inc.

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Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits (c) 1996 Williams Ent., Incorporated.

Compilation of 6 arcade classics:
"Defender" (1980)
"Stargate" (1981) as 'Defender II'
"Bubbles" (1982)
"Joust" (1982)
"Robotron: 2084" (1982)
"Sinistar" (1982)


Game ID: SLUS-00201


Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits for Sony PlayStation was released on March 01, 1996 in North America.

Export releases:
[EU] "Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits [Model SLES-00323]"


Digital Eclipse Software, Inc. Team
Producer: Andrew Ayre
Programmer/Animation: Jeff Vavasour
Artist: Bert Monroy
Interviews: Chris Charla, Jon Snyder
Multimedia Post-production: Midnight Design
Williams Entertainment Team
Print Design & Production: Debra Austin, Steve High, Shawn Murphy, Dave Young
Product Manager: Brian Johnson
Testing: Peter Chang, Steve Kramer, J. R. Salazar, Will Shen, Jason Shigenaka, John Stookey, John Ubalde


Game's CD.