Wild Gunman

Gun game published 47 years ago by Nintendo

Wild Gunman screenshot

Impossible to emulate.

Wild Gunman © 1974 Nintendo.

A project style gun game similar to Nintendo's "Sky Hawk" and "Shooting Trainer". Players fight quick-shooting duels with Wild West Gunmen who appear on the screen in succession. When gunman's eyes flash, player must draw his gun and shoot at him. If the player's action is quicker than his opponent's, the gunman falls, and the next gunman appears.

Features :
Film variety : 4
Number of gunmen : 5
Playing time : 90 sec


Cabinet dimensions : 51,1in. wide x 70,1in. high x 104,7in. deep.
Cabinet weight : 191 kg.
Screen size : 47,2in. x 47,2in..

Control : Theft-proof gun


Wild Gunman was Nintendo's first 16mm film projector game and became Nintendo's first big export product in Europe and USA, because the effects of Japan's oil shortage that occured in 1973 began showing : Japan's economy went into a tailspin and people couldn't afford using their money on Nintendo's Shooting Ranges anymore.

On October 4, 1997, Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of this game was tragically killed in an automobile accident, at the age of 56.

An updated version of the game was released in the arcades and in the Nintendo NES, ten years later in 1984, replacing photographic images with cartoon-style video game sprites. In this version the player also waited for the opponent's eyes to flash (accompanied by a speech bubble reading 'FIRE!!').


Created by : Gunpei Yokoi


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