Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Party Edition [Model SLES-54199]

Sony PlayStation 2 Disc published 14 years ago by Eidos Interactive

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Party Edition © 2006 Eidos Interactive.

The nation's favourite TV quiz show is back complete with exciting new Buzz! compatible party modes!

With host Chris Tarrant calling the shots it's finger on the buzzer time as family and friends compete to see who has the nerve and knowledge to become a virtual millionaire.

* Fully compatible with Sony's Buzz! Buzzers.
* Play solo in TV. Quiz or Quick Fire modes.
* Double-Dare, Pass or Steal questions from your opponents in exciting new Buzz! compatible multiplayer modes for 2-4 players.
* Over 4000 exclusive new questions.
* Add your face to the game using Sony's EyeToy peripheral.


Game ID: SLES-54199


Developed by Climax Ltd

Eidos Global
CEO: Jane Cavanagh
Commercial Director: Bill Ennis
Finance Director: Rob Murphy
Company Secretary: Anthony Price
European Managing Director: Scott Dodkins
Product Acquisition Manager: Ian Livingstone
Development Director: Darren Barnett
Development Manager: Lee Singleton
Executive Producer: Michael Souto
Head of Brands Management: Larry Sparks
Brand Controller: Sarah Hoeksma
Brand Manager: Matthew Russell
Creative Director: Patrick O'Luanaigh
Designer: William Beacham
Creative Services Manager: Quinton Luck
Senior Designer: Jodie Brock
Senior Artworker: Gary Blake

Support Services
Head of Support Services: Flavia Timiani
Support Services Coordinator: Julie Payne

Functionallity QA
QA Manager: Marc Titheridge
QA Supervisor: Ian Roswell
QA Lead Technicians: Matthew Poon, Dan Webster
QA Technicians: Sam Beard, Jason Claridge, David Klein, Gareth Mills, William Wan. Ben Asghar, Germaine Mendes, Allen Elliott, Carl Perrin, Neil Delderfield, Richard Edbury

QA Supervisor (Mastering): Jason Walker
Mastering Editing: Ray Mullen

A massive thank you to all of you in the Sales, Marketing, Brand, Finance, Legal, Operations and IT teams. You've all been stars!!!

Climax Action
Executive Producers: Karl Jeffery, Simon Gardner
Technical Director: Julian Rex
Art Director: Glenn Brace
Design Director : Rhys Cadle
Production Manager: Gary Burchell
Lead Programmer: Kostas Kostiadis
Senior Programmer: Andy Wilton
Programmers: Damian Hammond, Tony Mack
Art Outsource Manager: Dee Doherty
Senior Manager: Paul Jasicki
Artist: Mike Oakley
GUI Artist: Ian Sutton
Senior Designer: Dan Kingdom
Designer: Ross Thordy
Audi Engineer: Matt Simmonds
Quality Assurance: Russell Linn, Rob Shread
Concept Development: Sam Barlow, Mark Simmons
Special Thanks: Andrew Earle, Andrew Grant, Julian Adams, Mark Sheppard, Balor Knight. Jeremy Moore, Greg Michael, Pete Roberts, Dave Llewellyn, Johnny Caggins, Vanessa Wells, CTG Climax Racing, Jim Clews, Jane Austin, Louise Booker, Pebbles, Amanda Kostiadis, Amiee Ioanna Kostiadis, Madeleine Macphail, Mr. Jingles, Amy Presnell, Florence Pirotais, Simon Pirotais-Wilson, Max Pirotais-Wilson

Celador International
Brand Manager: Dudley Spencer
Product Manager: Sian Lenny
Question Writers: Allison Sims, Mark Kirkland, Oenone Williams, James Ellis, Simon Morse, Paul Hurley, Jon Smith

All voices recorded at Side UK
Voice Casting: Andy Emery, Jennifer Quinn
Voice Director: Kate Saxton
Sound Engineer: Ant Hales

Host Audio and our special thanks: Chris Tarrant

Voice Talent: Morwenna Banks, Marcus Bentley, Brian Bowles, Olivia Caffrey, Shirley Dixon, Robin Edward, Don Gillet, Sarah Hadland, David Holt, Ray Lonnen, Maxine Peake, Robert Perkins, Zoe Peyton
Additional Voice Talent: Juliana F. Gerry B, Tim E, Lee B, Jonathan W, Louise B, Ryan M, Sharon W, Lee H, Simon D, Jessica P, Leon H