Who Shot Johnny Rock?

Arcade Video Game published 28 years ago by American Laser Games, Inc.

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Who Shot Johnny Rock? © 1991 American Laser Games.

You play a private detective trying to solve one of your toughest cases. Singer / performer, Johnny Rock, was murdered and it's up to you to bring the killer to justice. You must travel around the city to gather clues, while taking care of any gangsters that get in your way.
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Main CPU : Motorola 68000
Sound Chips : (2x) Custom

Palette colors : 4097

Players : 1
Buttons : 3


Released in December 1991.

In one scene, there's a building sign for a place called 'Grebe's'. This is actually a reference to Robert Grebe who's the founder of American Laser Games.
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* v1.5
* v1.6


Sega CD (1994)
Panasonic 3DO (1995)
Phillips CD-I (1995)
Sony PlayStation 2
Microsoft X-BOX

PC - 1991

Game's ROM.