Wet 'N' Wild [Model PR7065]

The Fruit Machine by Mazooma Games

Emulated in MAME !


[COIN-OP] Fruit Machine

Wet 'N' Wild © 200? Mazooma Games.

Get in the swim with ths super splashing game! Use number cards on the CardMech to advance around the paddling pool, collecting Cash, Features and Bonus Nudges.

Light 3 'Wet 'N' Wil' symbols and plunge into the Super Feature pool. It's 25 squares deep and holds a gush of 'Red Hot' cash and features.


[Model PR7065]

Technology : Scorpion 4
Cabinet : Smiley II front-opening
Jackpot : £15 / £5
Stakes : 20p, 25p, 30p

Game's ROM.

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