Web Wars [Model 3108]

GCE Vectrex published 36 years ago by GCE

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Web Wars © 1983 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Enter a galaxy of the future filled with adventure and danger -- a galaxy unlike any you have imagined before.

You become the Hawk King -- a creature capable of incredible speed and power -- as you attempt to capture the amazing creatures that inhabit the speeding Web of Fantasy. All 20 creatures are protected by guardians and the dreaded Cosmic Dragon and each will become progressively more difficult to capture. No one has ever captured the elusive twentieth creature. Will you?


Model 3108

Joystick: Controls the movement of Hawk King.
Button 1: Exit Trophy Room.
Button 2: Exit Trophy Room.
Button 3: Capture. Activates Hawk King's capture rod.
Button 4: Fire.


Export releases:
[EU] [UK] "Web Warp [Model 8136]"


Fantasy Creatures: 325 points per capture
Guardian Drones: 75 points for each Drone, plus 10 percent of the speed shown.
Trophy Room: 750 points each time you soar through a portal and enter your Trophy Room.


An extra Hawk King life will be awarded at the following point levels:
25,000 points
50,000 points
90,000 points
250,000 points
999,000 points

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