Wave Rovers

A Slot Machine by Gamey Industries

Not emulated yet.


Wave Rovers © 200? Gamey Industries.

They are thirsty for gold, treasures and blood. That is only the beginning... Its stereo sounds, adventure music, 15 lines, 5 reels, and 2 adventure bonus games and scatter bonus, pulls your players in a real action. With Wave Rovers you will dive into the middle of pirate's battle, treasure hounding and fight for victory.


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* Map Bonus: When the player line-up 3 or more 'Map symbols', Map bonus is triggered. In case of 3 Maps in main game the player can choose 1 of the islands, in case of 4 Maps – 2 islands are allowed, in case of 5 Maps – 3 islands are allowed, In this bonus game the player is looking for the most valuable islands on map.

* Gun Bonus : When player line-up 3 or more Gun symbols, Gun bonus is triggered. Arsenal is displayed for each reel with Gun symbol and player chooses one of them to receive from 2 to 6 cannon-balls. Now he has 10 targets, where one contains up to 4 additional ammunition. For each hit target player receives prize. In case the same target is hit, only consolation prize is obtained.