Warcraft II - The Dark Saga [Model SLUS-00480]

Sony PlayStation game published 22 years ago by Electronic Arts

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Warcraft II - The Dark Saga © 1997 Electronic Arts.


Game ID: SLUS-00480


Released on January 06, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Warcraft II - The Dark Saga [Model SLES-00878]"
[JP] "Warcraft II - The Dark Saga [Model SLPS-01098]"


Executive Producer: Tim May, Steven Rechtschaffner
Associate Producer: Dennis Hirsch
Assistant Producer: Kevin Loh
Senior Development Director: Pauline Moller
Production Assistants: Wendell Harlow, Adrienne Travica
Technical Director: Mark Gipson
Product Manager: Peter Royea
UK Marketing Manager: Sean Ratcliffe
Public Relations Manager: Keith Dundas
QA Project Co‑ordinator: Rod Higo
Lead Tester: Josh Holmes
Assistand Lead Testers: Trevor Allen, Gio Corsi
Testers: Tim Dale, Jason DeLong, Raphael DeLeon Eraña, Jeremy Ferguson, Lach Fergusson, David Ham, Trevor Kerslake, Derek LeClair, Mike Little, Willie Loh, Jeff Macpherson, David Orne, Ryan Santos, Thomas Singleton, Lorne Wilson
Mastering: Cary Chao, Jeff Hutchinson, Peter Petkov
QA Database Support Guru: Bob Purewal
Documentation: Jason Armatta
English Documentation: Richard Johnston
Graphic Designer & Documentation Layout: Anita K. Legg
Package Design: Mary Mitchell
Package Illustration: Jennie Maruyama
QA: Chris Chaplin
President: Karl Jeffery
Vice President: Chris Bergstresser
Programmers: Steve Lamb, Tony Mack, Tom Pinnock, Dave Thorburn, Darren White
Art Director: Thor Hayton
Artists: Michael Baxter, Lewis Cooper, Andy Oakley, Mike Oakley, Alan Weaver
Audio Lead: Matthew Simmonds
Thanks to the gang at Blizzard: Shane Dabiri, Joeyray Hall, Michael Morhaime, Bill Roper, Duane Stinnett, Paul W. Sams, Patrick Wyatt
Special Thanks: Paulette Doudell, James Fairweather, Steve Fitton, Sue Garfield, Kirby Leung, Donald A. Mattrick, Louis Mutter, Patrick Ratto, Julio Valladares, Susan Wooley-Sams, Chris Yashimora

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