Wally Bear and the No! Gang

Nintendo NES cart. published 29 years ago by American Video Ent.

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Wally Bear and the No! Gang © 1990 American Video Entertainment

Grab your skateboard!

And don't forget your flying disc 'cause its time to play the hottest video game with the coolest character - WALLY BEAR!

Thrash bad attitudes as you cruise through five levels of intense graphics and excellent game play! You'll climb to the heights of city sky-scrapers and slosh through the depths of slimy toxic sewers. One thing is for sure, the best way to begin any adventure is to say "NO!" to drug and alcohol abuse.

Parents love this game as much as kids because Wally Bear is much more than just another video game. This game offers a positive role model kids can relate to that reinforces the values of unity, loyalty, and honesty. So join Wally in a super adventure filled with non-stop action and excitement.

High intensity graphics explode across your screen as you explore the Big City.

Finally, a game that parents will encourage their kids to play.

Positive messages tell kids about peer pressure, strangers, and the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.


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