Unreleased Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by SVI

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Vortex © 1983 SVI [SpectraVideo, Inc.].

Unreleased prototype.


Shown at the Winter 1983 CES and requiring typical red/blue 3-D 'movie' glasses. Gameplay involved 'navigating your ship through a meteor shower while defending yourself from alien attack ships.' According to a press release, there was a pending patent for this game. Catalog description: 'Introducing the world’s first real 3-D video game for the home! Put on your special Spectra-Vision 3-D Glasses and get ready for the most unusual game experience ever! Maneuver your spectra shuttle through the meteor showers and repel the Hostile Invaders in this action packed thriller. Once again, Spectravideo adds a new dimension in computer game software!'