VMX Racing [Model SLUS-00123]

Sony PlayStation Game published 22 years ago by Playmates Interactive Ent.

Emulated in MAME !
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VMX Racing © 1997 Playmates Interactive.

The most grueling form of off-road motorcycle action comes to multiple formats this winter from Playmates Interactive Entertainment. Power up on a customized bike that has enough horsepower to blast you into incredible jumps and tricks. Play indoors on the Supercross circuit or "take it outside" on specially designed Motocross tracks built for big thrills and bigger spills!

Fully articulated players and bikes compete in a unique fully 3-D real-time racing game that sets the standard for Motocross simulations! Special throttle settings allow players to perform maneuvers and tricks just like the pros! All this, plus a screamin' CD soundtrack from award winning Tommy Tallarico and Mike Cihak to set the stage for the ultimate Motocross maniacs!

* Eight bikes compete in each race -- Choose from eight different tracks and qualify for three bonus tracks!

* Multi-player capability; 1 or 2 players!

* Set the camera angle yourself -- choose from behind the player, and way behind the player.

* CD quality Sound FX, recorded at actual Motocross events!

* Two throttle speeds allow players to perform wild maneuvers like rear-end kick outs, wheelies, and skids!


Game ID: SLUS-00123

Game's CD.